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Hello there..!!

Did you open your facebook account today? Well, we know the answer! Almost everyone, now a day, can’t spend their entire day without having a glance at their social networking account, no matter how much hectic their schedule is.

Being the part of the same generation, we understand the need of the people and thereby we- The Protyle team presents a social health care website will keep you updated with everything happening worldwide as well as will help you increase in your hidden talent by providing the worldwide online platform to your creativity.

With this, we-Protyle Team would like to introduce you with our website and invite you all to be a part of our endeavor.

(1) DrugU :

This is the major concept of the website which connects society with the pharmacy profession or say information technology with the health care system. Now a day people are aware about the generic medicine and their cost benefits with respect to proprietary (Branded) medicines. But they don’t know the difference between the costs of various generic medicines. So keeping this in mind we have tried to compile all of them under one umbrella so that customer can easily compare the cost and other parameters like dose and combinations available and can choose the right medicine for him.

Besides, we have also facilitated the patients with online support of the pharmacist on their prescription. With the help of this patient can chat with the pharmacist present online and can get the important guidance about how to take the drug, at which time it should be taken, likely side effects and what should be avoided; which is normally underestimated by doctors in India.

Apart from this, we are going to link our website with all the pharmacy store present nearby area and with the hospitals so that the person who is new to the particular area can easily find the one which is needed and this will also show the availability of the particular drugs present in the store.

(2) Community :

Well, guys this is the place where you can pour your heart out. You can create your own profile, maintain it, send the request to others, and share your ideas or views on any topic and everything which you do to create your unique identity. This is the platform where you can show your talent to the world.

Under the community, we have various categories like,

- News, reviews and gossip- Fashion mania? Wanna know about New Movie? Come……!
- Personal advice and Tips- In trouble? We can help! Have solution? Help others!
- Drug discussions- Make some space for the pharmacy guys!
- Disease Discussion- Heard something new in media? Let’s discuss!
- Technical Help and tutorials- Got stuck in lappy? Can’t run your favorite game? Come here!
- Mechanical Eye- Genius in wiring? Got something new to share? Share Now!
- Golden Ink- Having magical pen? Show your magic here! Make people stuck on your stories!
- Idea Box- Fond of solving puzzles? Got the solution of something? Welcome here!
- Help, suggestion, support- how do u feel about our website? Share!

(3) Magazine

You might be knowing about open source code but we brought for you is open source knowledge. Paying for knowledge is not a cool concept especially knowledge of topics related to science. In India, almost 70% population in urban cities don’t know basic scientific phenomenon and so you can imagine condition of villages. The basic lacking part is lack of interest in reading, no good material to read. So we came up with idea of free magazine which provide articles and concept in very simple language. We welcome authors from all around the world to submit their articles on science related concepts and we will feature them in our magazine after review. You can join our team in area of expertise of yours and help in Nobel cause.

You can register at our site by going to . Please Register yourself as USER on the site and enjoy the features.

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