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Most popular nutritional supplements is one of the leading online sellers of natural vitamins, minerals, superfoods and supplements. Here is a summary of the top food supplements according to them.

One of the most popular nutritional supplements is Vitamin D. In the Western hemisphere, more than 50% of people are estimated to have vitamin D efficiency in the winter period. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to a lot of different symptoms and Vitamin D is one of the more important ingredients required by our body, so vitamin D supplements are definitely an advice for everybody.

Magnesium supplements are also very popular. Both magnesium and calcium are among the most important nutritional elements required by our body, they have an impact on more than 500 different processes in our body. Especially elderly people have a tendency of developing magnesium deficiency so this is a very important food supplement for them.

In the category Superfoods, the winner is definitely coconut oil. Coconut oil is not only very healthy (like many other Superfoods), but it is easy to apply in everyday live for most people. You can use it as baking oil, frying oil, to replace margarine and people also use it on their skin and hair (because it has good nutritional benefits also for skin and hair).

Sport supplements are also very popular and a category on their own. Think of creatin, whey powder, amino acids and many others. These food supplements help to build muscles and give energy for sporting needs.

Anyway, on you will find a broad array of vitamins, minerals, superfoods and supplements with good descriptions of each product category and full ingredient specification of all supplements.

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Here is a summary of the top food supplements according to

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