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A Diet Rich for Men Health

Eat enough healthy cholesterol levels

Testosterone is derived from cholesterol. There is no other way that would be produced by the body naturally. So, if you avoid the cholesterol, be sure to lose one of the most powerful body hormones to build muscles. Foods low in cholesterol should definitely avoid. Diets rich in meat is the key to a much-needed cholesterol, whole eggs, beef, shrimp, cheese, and other similar foods are rich in essential source of cholesterol that will maximize the level of testosterone in his body.

Wondering what was then the potentially dangerous effects of foods rich in cholesterol? Recent research shows that we are very likely all the time were wrong when it comes to cholesterol. It seems to be a very weak correlation between cholesterol that enter the food and the one in our bloodstream. This is particularly evident when you reduce the consumption of carbohydrates (which we really should all do).

Also, some of the research now indicates that people with higher cholesterol have a greater possibility of long life. You do not mess sources which will provide cholesterol, eat organic food, Minimize tricky carbohydrates, eat plenty of vegetables and exercise on a regular basis. The reason why you should worry about is the level of triglycerides. It has been shown that triglycerides are the main cause of cardiovascular problems and diseases. Reduce total carbs and you'll reduce your triglycerides. Consume omega-3 fatty acids and green tea every day, exercise at least five hours a week in combination with exercises with resistance and your energy system will be in full form.

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals

Vitamin C - in addition to being an antioxidant and improving health and strengthens the immune system, the answer is in the way the pituitary gland responds to hormonal changes in the body, to form the basic steroid hormones in the adrenal gland, and control of stress hormones - cortisol . Scientists have proved that high doses of vitamin C (1-3 grams), taken before intense physical activity can reduce the production of cortisol - a hormone that reduces the level of testosterone and negative impact on immunity. Also, other studies have shown that vitamin C cannot sufficiently increase the level of enzyme called aromatase. This enzyme converts testosterone to estrogen.

Vitamin A - is important in the production of testosterone. Studies have shown that the higher the concentration of vitamin A in the testes increases the basal secretion of testosterone and of various other growth factors, including IGF (Insulin-like growth factor) -binding protein 4 (transporting IGF), androgen-binding protein (which transports the androgen), transforming growth factor Growth - beta (which causes cell growth and suppresses cancer) and acute regulatory protein steroidogenesis (which is responsible for transporting cholesterol in the mitochondria to convert it into steroids). Vitamin A also reduces the production of estrogen.

Vitamin B6 - has an important role in many functions in the body, including the production of testosterone. By stimulating androgen receptors in the body, vitamin B6 signals the testes to produce more testosterone.

Zinc - many minerals have an impact on the process of production of anabolic hormones, but zinc is certainly the most important. Studies in healthy men have shown that testosterone levels increased to 90% with zinc supplementation. However, studies have also shown that zinc supplementation increases testosterone levels only when you lack zinc. Too much zinc can be toxic and can interfere with the absorption of iron.

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